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After hearing about the bitcoin rise, Lisa wanted to join the party and was looking for an exchange that will let her buy Bitcoin, unfortunately, she saw an ad on facebook that directed her to an “investment company”, she left her details and right away she received a call from an account manager/broker that gave her promises for profits. She wasnt aware of this kind of scam companies and was happy that the company will buy and hold the Bitcoin for her, she didnt know that no one except from her should hold the bitcoin and giving the key for her wallet is like giving the code for your credit card. After 4 months when the bitcoin was significantly high, she asked to withdraw some of her investment, but the “investment company” was already gone with her money. NEVER GIVE YOUR KEY FOR YOUR WALLET TO NO ONE!!!!! This is the key for your money and no one should know it besides you, if someone is asking you for it, never ever give it away.

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