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To find out if we recommend Gladiolu Stox for trading, read our review. This is a Gladiolu Stox (gladiolustox.com) review by FinRecoveryInc.

Who is Gladiolu Stox?

After prior investigation of Gladiolu Stox, their address – (5th Floor, NEX Tower, Rue du Savoir, Cybercity, 72211 Ebene, Republic of Mauritius) was able to reveal that they are not governed by any regulator. That is a RED FLAG and enough reason to avoid them.

Furthermore, a closer look at Gladiolu Stox website – (gladiolustox.com), shows a striking similarity with websites that offer “Automated trading software, HYIP software, unregulated trading software and insecure protocol software”. This is another RED FLAG, because these types of websites are notorious for fraudulent schemes.

Is your money safe?

Gladiolu Stox is simply another unregulated financial institution. Customers are not protected, and it is highly likely that they will get away with your hard earned money, since there is no regulating agency to hold them accountable.

How does Gladiolu Stox Scam work?

Brokers that are not regulated mostly operate in the following manner. They will reach out to people through various means like phone calls, or social media; to persuade them to make the initial minimum deposit.

They will often offer deals that are blatant lies, like giving unreasonable bonuses on initial deposits. After making the initial deposit, people are transferred to a more sophisticated scammer known as a “retention agent”, and what they do is take more money from unsuspecting victims.

How to withdraw funds from Gladiolu Stox?

Gladiolu Stox will delay the process for months if you want to withdraw your funds, regardless of whether you have profits or not. If they delay it for a few months, you might no longer be able to get your money back or even file a chargeback. Your money might be forever lost without professional help, no matter how many times you remind them or insist on withdrawing it.

How can you recover your money from Gladiolu Stox?

If you have already deposited money with Gladiolu Stox, and you have been unable to make withdrawals; which is very likely, don’t worry, there may be a way or two to get your money back.

But first, you must have evidence of the scam as proof that you haven’t been able to make a withdrawal.

What you should do?

The simplest way to get your money back is to immediately file a chargeback, because it is also the most damaging to them. A large number of chargebacks will sever their relationship with payment service providers.

We can also assist you in preparing your chargeback case, especially if you are unsure where to begin. We will help you present your case to your bank, credit card company and cryptocurrency merchants.

You can reach out to us through live chat, contact form or contact@finrecoveryinc.com

Gladiolu Stox Review Conclusions

BEWARE OF THIS SCAM! IT IS Unregulated, Blacklisted, Offshore and CONSOB (Falsely claim to be regulated by the SFC Mauritius).

There’s is no financial regulatory overview on this company, so it is HIGHLY likely that they make away with your money. You may not be able to make withdrawal without professional assistance.

Always make sure to do an extensive research before investing. And if you have any questions or need assistance with the withdrawal process, please contact us at contact@finrecoveryinc.com



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  • Gerald
    Posted May 9, 2022 9:38 am 0Likes

    Gladiolustox tricked me into losing 27,000usd, nothing but scam

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