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Recover your money from a forex trading scam


Gather your documents

Next, collect any evidence you have related to your broker’s forex scam. These documents can be used as proof that you were duped by the broker and deserve to get your money back. Some documents to gather include:

Bank statements

Contracts with the broker

Email communications with the broker

Phone correspondence between you and the broker

The more information you can provide about how much money was taken from your bank account, who took it, when they did it and how they did it, the better. You should also keep all of this information in an organized fashion so that other parties can easily interpret it upon review.

Before doing anything else, gather up all your relevant documents, including your trading statement and any other proof that shows you were scammed.

The first step to recover money back from a forex trading scam is gathering all of the relevant information and documents. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

The trading statement that shows you were scammed

Bank statements showing deposits and withdrawals, including any withdrawals made by the broker

Any communications with the broker, both email and phone records, if available

You’ll also want your bank statements and any communications you’ve had with the broker, both email and phone.

You’ll want to gather everything you can. Whether it be proof that you had a verbal agreement, or screenshots of unfulfilled promises, keep every single piece of evidence. This includes all emails and text messages as well as any phone records. Besides these communications, it is wise to keep copies of your bank statements and credit card statements going back at least six months or more. You may also want to ask for a statement from the broker themselves. While it’s unlikely they will provide anything helpful (if they even respond at all), it’s worth a shot if only for the sake of thoroughness.

The more information you have, the better.

The more information and records you have, the stronger your case against a scam broker will be. Insist that your broker provide you with their license number, the address and contact details of their office, as well as all correspondence related to your investment.

Confirm that they are regulated by a government regulator. This shouldn’t be difficult to find on their website (usually at the bottom of the page). If you can’t find it there, go to Google and do some research until you’ve found out one way or another if they’re regulated or not.

Furthermore, I would highly recommend hiring an expert like Fin recovery inc who specializes in this area of asset recovery. They will help guide you through this process and ensure that you don’t make any missteps that could hurt your chances of recovering all or part of your money.

File a complaint with a recovery expert

Finally, here’s a last option: work with a forex recovery expert like Fin recovery inc.

Some services will help you recover your money from a forex scam. You’ll still have to pay them—often, they take a percentage of whatever they successfully recover for you—but it is worth it.

Getting scammed isn’t fun, but there are ways to get back at least some of your money | Be persistent

When playing forex, scams are a common problem. But don’t give up! Scammers work hard to make you feel like their scam is your fault, but it’s not. They want you to lose hope, and they want to get away with what they’ve done.

Don’t be too hard on yourself: losing money can be a painful experience and it’s important to remember that being scammed isn’t your fault. Your relationship with the scammer is one in which they’re always going to try and make you feel like you were stupid or greedy for trusting them. Don’t believe them!

Don’t stop believing in yourself: once you’ve been scammed, it can be hard not to let that affect your confidence when it comes investing or trading in the future. But don’t let this happen! You can still recover from this and go on to be successful at trading.

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