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First, take a deep breath

When you get scammed, it’s easy to panic and make bad decisions on how to recover stolen cryptocurrency from your trezor wallet. You’re scared and don’t exactly know what to expect or how to proceed. It helps if you can keep your head clear and remain rational when confronting these situations. The first thing I would do is take a few deep breaths, clear my head, and try to ensure that I’m making rational decisions with the information available. It’s important not to panic—you may have lost your crypto, but there’s still a chance it can be recovered!

Second, don’t panic

When it comes to recovering stolen cryptocurrency, the most important thing is that you don’t panic. The decisions you make at this time will be crucial to your recovery efforts and could mean the difference between salvaging what you can or losing everything. If your cryptocurrency has been stolen, it’s very easy for emotions to cloud your judgment, which is why it’s so important that you remain calm and work through a clear-headed decision-making process.


Contact Trezor support via email

When your device has been stolen by a thief, it’s important to contact Trezor support as quickly as you can. By contacting them immediately after the theft, you have the best chances of recovering your device and cryptocurrency.

When you contact Trezor support, make sure that you include a detailed explanation of the situation, including everything that happened. Let them know what steps have already been taken to try and recover the device and any cryptocurrency that was stored on it. The more information Trezor support has about what happened and what steps have already been taken, the better they can help resolve your problem.

If your recovery seed is in safekeeping (i.e., not available for use because someone else has it), send it to Trezor Support with an explanation of how and why it is unavailable at this time. If someone stole or took control of your seed phrase, do not send them a copy of it; simply let them know that someone stole or took control of your seed phrase.

Remember: even if you don’t have access to your recovery seed, reach out to Trezor Support via email as soon as possible so they can assist you in recovering your lost funds or device!

Recover the wallet on your new Trezor T

You can now recover stolen cryptocurrency from your trezor wallet by following the instructions below.

  • Make sure you have a new Trezor T. This guide is for recovering your Trezor T only. If you have a Trezor One, follow this guide instead.
  • After you get your new Trezor T, connect it to your computer and create a PIN code as usual. When creating the PIN code, make sure to use a different sequence of numbers than the one on your old device.
  • Now open the Wallet tab on Trezor’s website and select “Recovery”. Then choose “Advanced recovery” to recover the wallet with the help of the Trezor recovery seed (words).

Send your stolen crypto to a new address

If you have cryptocurrency in your Trezor wallet, a good first step to recovering it is sending it to a different address. This can be done using the “Receive” or “Send” functionality of whatever platform you’re using to store your cryptocurrency.

If you don’t have an existing cryptocurrency address, it’s easy enough to create one on various online services like Coinbase or Blockchain Wallet. Just make sure that the address you send your stolen crypto to is not the same as the original one from which it was stolen, or else there’s no point! Whatever platform you use should have a clearly marked option for creating a new cryptocurrency address, and if it doesn’t, look for online tutorials that discuss how to do so on that particular service.

Did you fall for the crypto scam? Is your cryptocurrency now gone from your Trezor wallet? The process that follows provides you with the best way to recover cryptocurrency from your Trezor wallet.

Have you encountered one of the following scenarios?

  • You accidentally sent your Bitcoin, Ether, or some other cryptocurrency to a fraudster and lost it.
  • Your cryptocurrency was stolen after being sent to a scam website in an attempt to “double” your funds or retrieve them from a “wallet hacker.”
  • A remote attacker gained access to your Trezor device and stole your funds from the associated wallet.

If you were victimized by any of these scams, don’t worry—it is possible for you to recover your stolen cryptocurrency from your trezor wallet by sending us an email via or fill out the contact form on our website.

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