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Assuming you have been hacked, do not open the email from the hacker.

If you think your email account has been compromised, don’t open the email from the hacker.

Since this scam is carried out via emails, it’s important to protect yourself by keeping an eye out for malicious links or attachments that may infect your computer with malware. Avoid opening emails and clicking on links from suspicious senders. If you think your email account has been compromised, don’t open the email from the hacker. That’s an easy way to get infected with malware, so take action before it’s too late.

Once you’ve secured your device against future attacks from hackers, contact any friends or colleagues who received the same message from you to let them know what happened. To help prevent others from falling victim to a similar attack, inform them about how phishing scams work and recommend that they avoid clicking on suspicious links in emails or attachments as well. Also, tell them about this article you have read on how to recover stolen cryptocurrency from your bybit.

Change your password immediately on Bybit.

After we identify a security breach and prevent any further losses, the next thing we ask our customers to do is to change their login password and 2FA authentication methods.

Any other accounts that use the same password as your Bybit account should also be changed immediately. If you are unable to access your email account, then to regain control of your Bybit account, please follow these steps:

Deactivate all other login sessions.

Make sure you deactivate all active login sessions on your account.

Change the password for Bybit via your email account.

  • Change your password for Bybit via your email account.
  • If you have not changed your password before and do not remember your password, reset the password by going to the “Reset Password” page here:
  • Make sure to use a secure password that contains letters and numbers, and is at least 8 characters in length. Do not use the same password on different accounts or platforms. If you are having trouble remembering passwords, please consider using a password manager such as LastPass or Google Sheet to generate random words for you automatically and store them in an encrypted vault online (or offline).

Contact customer support at Bybit and tell them what happened.

If you’ve encountered a problem with your account, contact Bybit customer support to talk about the issue. They may be able to help.

To get in touch with Bybit’s customer support team:

  • Send an email to the address provided on their website
  • Include as much information as possible in that email so they can access your account and understand what happened
  • After you send that email, wait for them to get back to you

If you’ve been hacked, follow these steps to protect yourself as best as you can.

If you’ve been hacked, follow these steps to protect yourself as best as you can:

  • Change your password immediately. This one is obvious, but worth repeating. Use [this Bybit guide](/support/hc/en-us/articles/360041407871-Change-Accounts-Password) to change your password if you still have access to your account. If not, you can use this guide from Bybit on how to reset your password.
  • Deactivate all other login sessions. If the hacker is still logged into your account and has active sessions, they’ll be able to continue trading even after you’ve changed your password. Go through the “Login History” section of the Bybit security settings to deactivate any remaining active sessions (see image below)

![ Login History ](

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