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How to hack google

Google hacking, also known as Google Dorking, is a hacker technique in which hackers use Google applications such as Search and Maps to find security holes in websites’ configuration and code. You can use Google for OSINT as well.

Using Google hacking search queries, one can

  • identify security flaws in web applications,
  • monitor data for self-assertive or singular targets,
  • Search for error messages containing sensitive information, and,
  • discover documents containing certifications or other sensitive information.

Assailants may search for a weak variant of web applications or for a specific document type (.pdf, .sql…) as a way to narrow their search. It is also possible to limit the inquiry to certain pages on a specific web page. It may also search all sites for detailed data and display a list containing that information.

A server’s coverage on the web will grow as these crawlers become more powerful and complex. With more progress and vigorous crawlers, a publicly available server can be covered more effectively. The result is that any data that an application or server has inadvertently exposed will be automatically indexed.

Among the types of sensitive data are security numbers and Visa numbers, and corporate and specialized information, such as customer records, human resource documents, or equations accidentally placed on servers. In addition to finding web crawler data that contains application flaws, the crawler also finds blunder messages containing workers’ responses to internet searchers’ requests and postings in indexes. If the appropriate search terms are used, anyone can view the sensitive information.

Although the established term includes the Google search engine, our definition includes all search engines, such as Yahoo!, Ask, Live Search, etc.

In real life, Google has discovered and indexed information spilling over from the Internet, including

  • In the case of SUNY Stony Brook, 90,000 people’s personal information was compromised, and the information was mistakenly released on the Internet.
  • In this case, Google obtained data from the website of Jax Federal Credit Union, a company that specializes in printing.
  • City councilors in Newcastle upon Tyne exchanged the particulars of a few thousand residents.

Many resources exist that can be used with Google Hacking to produce powerful terms. Johnny’s I Hack Stuff is probably the most reputable source. Using the Google Hacking Database, you can search each document on a Web site for certifications, error codes, weak records, and the location of your Web server.

Furthermore, Google Hacking can be used by malware authors for spreading their code rapidly. For example, the PHP flaw exploited by SantaWorm, a now-famous Web locale destroyer, enabled it to destroy Web locales. Through Google, SantyWorm detected and contaminated weak machines.

The Google Hacking Database

It takes 0.2 Google seconds to perform a SQL injection on any platform. The term google dorks refer to unusual terms submitted to Google. They can be used to

  • discover weak websites on the Internet,
  • gather sensitive information,
  • gather weak documents that are sent,
  • uncover subareas, etc.

In terms of pentest interaction, you can use Google Hacking in a very effective and viable manner.

‍How to prevent Google hacker attacks

Data diggers who are experts at Google Hacking, in contrast, are essentially good at finding vulnerabilities and misconfigurations because confidential data is publicly available on the Internet and therefore easily accessible via an Internet search engine. You can avoid web index-related incidents in any case by taking a few precautions. You can avoid this by not using web search tools that collect sensitive data.

The design of the web application firewall should provide an extremely configurable feature, such as the ability to assign IP addresses from web search tools or web indexes to solicitations and responses that trace sensitive information. For instance, non-public organizer names such as “/and so on” and designs that appear like Visa numbers, preventing responses if spillage threatens. There are even examples of documents in Johnny’s I Hack Stuff assets.

“Google hacking” is not the act of hacking Google web search or any other Google product. On the other hand, Google rewards white-hat programmers who can bolster its security by compromising its web applications.

The fact that Google hacking affects all search engines makes it a search engine hacking incident. But, of course, there can be instances where another search tool is explicitly requested.

In addition to being a wonderful way of finding and viewing web pages without being exposed to targeted frameworks, Google Hacking is also a legitimate way of gathering information during a typical Information Gathering phase of an attack. Performing an Information Security assessment requires this element without question, and it can have exceptional results when done correctly. Furthermore, many questions are openly shared in the GHDB so that anyone can read and analyze them, and you can create explicit tests against destinations with advanced administrators.

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