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In case there was a fraudulent transaction, the item was not received, a customer has been charged twice, etc., there will always be a chargeback. On the other hand, side, if the buyer is claiming without reason, the merchant will win the dispute.

How often merchants win the dispute is dependent on the merchant and on external factors – very hard to estimate. My personal advice would be to be proactive as a merchant. Deliver the purchases in a state and time that was agreed on, and provide the sellers with exceptional customer service. If this applies buyers are less likely to claim a chargeback. Sellers have to consider, that unhappy buyers are bad for business. In case they write negative reviews or file a complaint, this will have an effect on your seller rating as well as sales. This is something that no seller wants.

How do you win against a customer’s chargeback fraud?

There are some people who just live to get something for free. Just ask any contractor. People will find the pickiest little problem to withhold final payments that generally means they have lost their profit!

A chargeback means that a credit card from a bank is involved. Do you not have documentation that the customer is actually lying about the chargeback? I always expect to present my case with a written explanation of why I believe the charge is erroneous. If the bank asks you to verify the information or provide information showing that the customer actually received the product and or service as promised, can you do that? At a certain point, it would seem to me that a case can be filed against the person committing the fraud. I know that it is time consuming however, most companies have a small profit margin and need every penny to operate.

Perhaps, the company that you work for should put safeguards in place detailing that if you do this, then you have agreed to do that. Review your policy and see if there is a way to update it.Small Claims Court or a Collection Agency may be your only option if the bank will not support you.

Chargeback fraud, or friendly fraud, is a frustrating thing for merchants to deal with and can be tricky to prove. It is difficult to supply evidence that the customer has received the goods but is still performing a chargeback. Chargeback rep-resentment is an option for securing funds from the customer in question as it charges them a second time. However, chargeback disputes are still fairly hard to win. To tip the odds in your favour, it’s important to keep accurate documentation to present to the bank alongside a chargeback rebuttal letter. Understanding the chargeback dispute process and the reason codes of relevant banks will also help increase your chances of winning. For information on preventing other types of types of fraud click here for help

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